Giant Sushi Roll It's human nature.

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ctw-shy-june sent: Hey baby how you doin, leeme get yo' digits.


Anonymous sent: *zaps Donnie with a ray gun* HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Now you've switched bodies with Leo. Good luck! *flies away*




I’M LEO!!!!!

That…Can’t be good.
I feel the need to correct people on everything and do the opposite of what people tell me to do.
               Slightly less honorable!

Haha, what if-

So like, what if April actually had her own body in the show instead of being pawned off as relationship device by Shellheads?

So like, what if April actually has a lot of trouble coping with the loss of her mother and father, and finding out she isn’t human so she distances herself from everyone to figure things out?

So like, what if April actually likes playing with boys because she’s a flirt like a lot of other teenagers?

So like, what if April just sees everyone as a friend and isn’t looking for a romance of any kind?

So like, what if April stopped getting pictured as a copy-pasta character and actually for the trying to be normal teenage girl she is?

heads will roll


Let no one tell you progress isn’t real.
this wasn’t meant to be emotional uhg
Anonymous sent: Have you ever stuck your head in a refrigerator and hissed at a bag of carrots?


No, but I’ve hissed at a box of moldy pizza.

We don’t have carrots in the lair usually. Not even baby carrots.

Not even baby carrots.

Not even

Baby Carrots.



image'What kind of people don’t have Baby Carrots?!’

kristina-ruiz sent: Draw yourself series: soul eater



I loved doing this one so much.

kristina-ruiz sent: Draw yourself series: Mr. Pickles



harleyyourbusiness sent: The music on your blog is wonderful Shy. Why do you know so much good music?!


'What can I say? I got good taste-'image

'Wait, you like the music on my blog?’

batmanofnyc sent: He walks up to Shy, painting a mustache on her face. "I-I mustache you a q-question, but I'll s-shave it for later."

*Oh god this is so late-*image