Giant Sushi Roll

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heads will roll


Let no one tell you progress isn’t real.
this wasn’t meant to be emotional uhg
Anonymous sent: Have you ever stuck your head in a refrigerator and hissed at a bag of carrots?


No, but I’ve hissed at a box of moldy pizza.

We don’t have carrots in the lair usually. Not even baby carrots.

Not even baby carrots.

Not even

Baby Carrots.



image'What kind of people don’t have Baby Carrots?!’

kristina-ruiz sent: Draw yourself series: soul eater



I loved doing this one so much.

kristina-ruiz sent: Draw yourself series: Mr. Pickles



harleyyourbusiness sent: The music on your blog is wonderful Shy. Why do you know so much good music?!


'What can I say? I got good taste-'image

'Wait, you like the music on my blog?’

batman-of-nyc sent: He walks up to Shy, painting a mustache on her face. "I-I mustache you a q-question, but I'll s-shave it for later."

*Oh god this is so late-*image


Anonymous sent: for the Draw Yourself Series: pokemon

I just researched a Pokemon, goodbye.

Build a Turtle Fence!