Giant Sushi Roll It's human nature.

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harleyanewchange sent: Glad your back. I've missed you. *smuggles brownie cake into your ask*

'Was that what I ate? Ahah.. Thanks, Harley. Missed you too.’



Weed dealer


Feel good inc. - Gorillaz

Artist: Chromeo
Track: Jealous (I Ain't With It)

help i am being held captive by my baby sit-ee


Miss Shy done draw somethin’ for my belated birthday.  Ain’t you sugar sweet?  Thank you, darlin’.  I miss y’all so much… havin’ a li’l problem with ceilin’ cave ins over here.  Lonely as all get out.
Hiatus : OVER!


'I'll be taking my leave for a while, guys! Things are happening at my family’s place. Things to do. Places to see..’

Catch you on the flip-side!’

The star of the show.

Here’s some transparent Apritello for your blog.

Designs from GeminiDragon JasmineAlexandra!

Kayla Monroe,
Talk about a typing speed demon- This chatter has kept me hooked on her with her comedic responses, and fast ones at that, since the day she came! 
Keep rockin’ and being you, Kay!